Comarca Emberá

Un aborigen emberá en su canoa

COST: $180.00

1 or 2 persons

Departure: 7:30 A.M
(Approx. duration: 5 hours)
Transportation to Corotú port (2 ways)
Motor canoe trip
Visit the waterfall
Visit to indigenous community
Traditional lunch
Seasonal fruits
Water bottle
Reserve entrance tickets

Would you like to get to know an ancestral culture that lives in harmony with nature? Then you have to visit the Emberá region, an indigenous territory that extends through the Darien jungle and Lake Gatun. The Emberá are an original people who preserve their traditions, language and art. You can visit their villages, built with natural materials, and share with them their gastronomy, music and dance. You can also admire their handicrafts, such as chunga baskets and cocobolo carvings. In addition, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the region, where you can see a great variety of animals and plants, such as monkeys, toucans, orchids and golden frogs. The Emberá region is a cultural tourist destination that will allow you to live an authentic and enriching experience in Panama.

Indigenous women and girls from the Embera tribe pose for the camera in their Embera village outside Panama City.

The Emberá: an ancestral people that will captivate you

If you want to live a unique and authentic cultural experience in Panama, you cannot miss visiting the Emberá, an indigenous people living in the Darien jungle and on the shores of Lake Gatun. The Emberá are descendants of the ancient Chocóes, who resisted the Spanish conquest and maintained their identity and way of life. Today, the Emberá preserve their language, art and traditions, and invite you to get to know them and share with them.

The Emberá are characterized by their harmonious relationship with nature, from which they obtain everything they need to live. They build their homes with natural materials, such as wood, straw and palm leaves. They dress with colorful fabrics that they weave themselves with vegetable fibers. They adorn themselves with necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from seeds, shells and feathers. They paint their bodies with jagua, a fruit that protects their skin from the sun and insects.

The Emberá are also expert artisans, making beautiful baskets from chunga leaves and cocobolo wood carvings. These crafts reflect their worldview and symbolism, and are a source of income for the community. The Emberá are also known for their music and dance, which express their joy and spirituality. They play instruments such as the flute, drum and marimba, and dance to the rhythm of their songs.

Visiting the Emberá is an opportunity to learn about their culture and history, and to appreciate their hospitality and wisdom. You will see how they live, how they prepare their food, how they make their handicrafts and how they celebrate their rituals. You will be able to participate in their daily activities, such as fishing, hunting and fruit gathering. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of their environment, where you will see a great diversity of animals and plants.

The Emberá are an ancestral people that will captivate you with their simplicity and authenticity. Visiting them is a way to support their development and cultural preservation. Do not hesitate and book your trip to this destination that will surprise you.