Expanded Canal and Fort San Lorenzo

COST: $240.00

1 or 2 persons

Departure: 7:30 A. M.
(Duration Approx. 6 hours)
Transportation (2 ways)
Visit to the expanded Canal (Agua Clara lock)
Crossing the Atlantic Bridge
Visit to El Fuerte San Lorenzo
Courtesy bottle of water
Entrance tickets to the different sites

The Panama Canal is a masterpiece of engineering that links two oceans and shortens the distances between continents. It is a vital transit route for world trade and a source of sustainable development for Panama and the planet.

Nueva esclusa en el Canal de Panamá, con el puente Centenario de fondo.
New lock in the Panama Canal, with the Centennial Bridge in the background.

The Panama Canal: a wonder of the modern world that will amaze you

Can you imagine navigating an interoceanic waterway that links two seas and shortens the distances between continents? That's what you can do in the Panama Canal, a masterpiece of engineering that has transformed world trade and the development of Panama.

The Panama Canal has more than 100 years of history and has recently been expanded to allow the passage of larger and more modern ships, such as the Neo-Panamax, which can carry up to 14,000 containers. The expansion involved the construction of a third set of locks, gigantic structures that raise and lower ships to bridge the gap between the oceans and Gatun Lake.

Hermosa vista aérea del Canal de Panamá y sus juegos de esclusas.
Beautiful aerial view of the Panama Canal and its sets of locks.

Visiting the Panama Canal is a unique experience that will allow you to learn firsthand how this wonder of the modern world works. You will be able to observe the transit of ships through the locks, visit visitor centers and museums that explain the history and operation of the canal, and enjoy the nature and biodiversity that surrounds the canal.

Do not hesitate and come to know the Panama Canal, a destination that will surprise you with its beauty and its importance to the world.

Fort San Lorenzo and Portobelo

Ruinas del Fuerte San Lorenzo en Portobelo, Panamá.

Fort San Lorenzo is an impressive Spanish fortress that stands on a cliff at the entrance of the Chagres River. It was built in the 16th century to protect the Spanish Crown's transatlantic trade and resisted several attacks by corsairs and buccaneers. Here you can tour its walls, bastions and cannons, and admire the views of the sea and the jungle. Portobelo is a historic city that was the main port of the Caribbean during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The famous Portobelo Fair was held here, where the riches that came from Peru and were shipped to Spain were exchanged. Portobelo preserves several fortifications that testify to its strategic importance and its warlike past. You can visit the Fort of San Jerónimo, the Fort of Santiago de la Gloria and the Fort of San Fernando, among others. You can also visit the Church of San Felipe, where the Black Christ of Portobelo is venerated, a miraculous image that attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. Fort San Lorenzo and Portobelo are two tourist destinations that will make you travel back in time and discover the fascinating history of Panama. Do not hesitate and book your trip to these places that will surprise you.