Isla Monos

COST: $160.00

1 or 2 persons

Departure: 7:00 A.M.
(Duration Approx. 3 hours)


Ground transportation
Maritime transportation
Visit to Gatun Lake
Courtesy bottle of water
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Do you like animals and nature? Then you can't miss Monkey Island, a magical place in Lake Gatun, in the waters of the Panama Canal. On this island you will be able to see four species of monkeys up close: howler, capuchin, marmosets and tamarins, which live in freedom and approach visitors with curiosity. You can also observe other species such as crocodiles, toucans, sloths and iguanas. In addition, you can enjoy a boat ride on the lake and admire the tropical landscape and the engineering work of the Canal. Monkey Island is an ideal excursion for the whole family, where you can learn, have fun and connect with nature. Book your tour now and live an unforgettable experience in Panama.

Mono capuchino de cara blanca en la selva tropical de Gamboa, provincia de Colón, Panamá.
White-faced capuchin monkey in the rainforest of Gamboa, Colon province, Panama.

Monkey Island: a wild adventure in Panama

Would you like to live a unique experience in contact with nature and animals? Then you have to visit Monkey Island, an incredible place in Gatun Lake, in the heart of the Panama Canal. On this island you will be able to interact with four species of monkeys that live in freedom and approach visitors with curiosity and sympathy. You can also observe other wonders of the fauna and flora of the place, such as crocodiles, toucans, sloths and iguanas.

Isla Monos is a rescue and rehabilitation center for monkeys that have been victims of illegal trafficking or human abuse. Here the monkeys receive care and attention until they can be reintegrated into their natural habitat. In the meantime, they coexist with other monkeys and with tourists who arrive at the island by boat from Gamboa, a small town about 30 km from Panama City.

The visit to Monkey Island is a unique opportunity to learn about these intelligent and funny animals, which will surprise you with their jumps, their cries and their antics. You will be able to see howler monkeys, capuchins, marmosets and tamarins up close, and even feed them fruits or seeds. Of course, always with respect and following the indications of the guides.

In addition to Monos Island, you can enjoy other attractions in Gatun Lake, such as the boat ride through the Panama Canal, where you can admire the most important engineering work of the country and see the ships passing through it. You can also visit other nearby islands, such as Agaltepec Island or Sounds of Silence Island, where you can relax and contemplate the tropical landscape.

Isla Monos es un destino ideal para los amantes de la naturaleza y la aventura, donde podrás vivir una experiencia inolvidable en Panamá. Reserva ya tu tour y prepárate para conocer a tus nuevos amigos peludos.